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My new Addi Turbos (... and KP options or Addi clicks???)
Well... I've been injured for the past 4 days (horrible shoulder spasm - doesn't sound bad, but trust me I can barely get my body out of bed because I'm in so much pain) so I've been knitting on the couch a LOT. Well... knitting and nodding off cuz of all the meds I'm on.

Anyway, I decided I needed a new pair of circs because I wanted to make my mom a lacey-ish cowl and I didn't want to have to deal with constantly moving stitches around on DPNS. My wonderful partner usually sighs and moans everytime I need a new pair of needles, but this time he was eager to please me (might be because I've been somewhat of a meany-face lately). So I told him I'd LOVE to try Addi Turbos and that he'd have to venture across town to my favorite LYS to get them. Much to my surprise he ran out the door!!

Anyway... the point is I <3 them... a LOT!
So my Christmas list has their interchangeable set at the top.
Up until this point I hated metal needles, I'm not sure why, but bamboo always seemed to slide easier (I know that's not supposed to be the case).

Maybe it's the drugs talking, but I just thought I'd give my "hip hip hooray!!!" to Addi :o)

EvanP on Ravelry (Hey that's rhymes!)

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