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Recommend your shoes?
My favorite shoes of all time are no longer wearable. I attempted to have them resoled, but b/c it is a molded sole, it didn't work. I have worn them everyday for the 3 yrs. The leather upper was in fine shape (other than the puppy chewing the heel) so I am not happy. They were Dansko Folly in green/yellow. I've called Dansko and the lady's response to my request in finding another pair of these shoes was "Ma'm that's WAY discontinued." They don't make any lace-up oxfords anymore, nor are they doing that molded sole. I am picky about shoes b/c I am on my feet all day in the hosp. I am not a huge fan of black or brown shoes b/c I have to wear khakis and blue polo everyday so colorful shoes and socks are my outlet. I don't do well in shoes with no back or the Dansko professional clog - I have a long narrow foot and walk right out of them.

Help Please - my feet are killing me after a week without my shoes !!!
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