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Thank you for all your suggestions. I dragged the hubby out searching with me today and here's what I found...

I didn't know they made anything other than sandals ! Sure enough one of the stores we went to today had a lace up version that comes in a lot of colors. The store only carried up to a 10 and it was too small so I may get on Zappos and order a couple of pairs to try at home.

Dansko professional clogs come in NARROW (who knew)!! This makes them a real possibility for me. The store only had brown in narrow, so again, I will have to get on Zappos and order a colorful pair to try out for an hour or two in the house and see how my legs feel.
Maybe I'll splurge and own 2 pair of work shoes !!
Clarks store didn't stock any size 11's and the 10 was too small. Overall the pair of 10's I tried on didn't feel like they had a lot of support.

I've never tried Sketcher's so I will have to look at them. As for New Balance, they are great shoes and I recommend them to a lot patients with wide/pronated feet. Personally, never had pair I was comfortable in - for sneakers I stick with Addidas.
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