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Originally Posted by cheley View Post
O.K here's what happened, I looked at How to regarding a sock problem....I did not LOG IN as Cheley, I looked at the topic and viewed the complete picture (s) I then LOGGED IN as Cheley to answer the question, as I am LOGGED IN I only see the links, I need to "click" on them to view the photo.....
Originally Posted by WildMountainHoney View Post
At the top of this forum, there is a little person, and it says "User Settings" - click on that.

Now, scroll down to "Edit Options" and click on that.

Scroll down a bit more until you find a box with this text:

There is a check box to veiw images that are embedded w/the [img] code, you need be sure that box is checked.

Should be good after that!
Yep, that worked...Thanks sooo much!!!!

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