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Oh my! BIG BIG BIG dog crates in the back of the truck!

In summertime, we leave home (or camp) before dawn... to 'beat the heat', for the dogs' sake. We also make a few pit stops, giving them water and treats. Sometimes we also soak them down. The back of our truck isn't air-conditioned.

In cooler weather, they are all good-to-go. In this photo, taken in May, we covered their crates with tarps (except the front as you can see) so that they'd stay warmer. There is no back window, so they can see out and sniff the air if they want! Can you imagine if you were the car following us? TeeHee. But really, they are usually laying down. When we make a stop, they perk up!

They love to go bye-bye! They all readily jump up on the tailgate and straight into their crates! Even Charlie! That guy could rocket-launch himself onto the moon if he chose to!

The Shih Tzu is in the cab with me, of course!

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