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Your hubby and I would have similar items on our plates. Should I share the time I had green beans and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner? As a long-time vegetarian who generally dislikes Thanksgiving foods, here's my suggestion.

The best Thanksgiving dish I had that I enjoyed for the FOOD as opposed to the company was the rice stuffing in the Tofurkey turkey dinner package. The Tofurkey itself I could take or leave, but the stuffing was really good. And I detest the traditional bread stuffing. (Apparently, the tofurkey stuffing they make now has both bread and rice. I'm very disappointed.)

Unfortunately, I haven't had a whole lot of luck finding a recipe for it. Here's a possibility, though (sub vegetable broth, of course, and I'd probably leave out the mushrooms since I only eat those if I can't tell they're in the dish - broccoli makes a good colorful substitute):

Stuffed squash is another quasi-traditional vegetarian option:

I'm sometimes tempted to go completely un-traditional and make a risotto (yummy) or lasagna or enchiladas or something like that. I am never sure whether traditional foods or the idea of FEASTING should win out. Personally, I think a feasting holiday where I fast really stinks.
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