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This is my first attempt at a pattern so I'm a little nervous! I checked out the link Ingrid posted about figuring out the decreases and decided to up the stitches to 100 as opposed to the 90 since my head is a little bigger (23 in).
After doing the logo design and measuring and stuff the only question I have so far is... When I do the decrease in the pattern, I end up dropping 10 st/row. After I do the k2tog k1 row, I end up with an extra 20 sts instead of the 10-15 recommended in the unaltered pattern. Will those 5 extra stitches end up being a big deal and add a dreaded little "bump" in the end result, or is knitting a fine example of mathematical relativity? :P

Also, when I get to said stitches, do I transfer 10 sts on to one needle and do the kitchener stitch from there? Or what's the trick to that?
I understand the mattress stitch well enough but the kitchener confused me. I watched the video but that looked like two separate pieces on two different needles instead of closing off one big piece.

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