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Knitty kitty, sad update
Oct. 17. we adopted a cat from the Humane society. You may recall I asked for help in naming her. Knitty kitty won. About the last 2 weeks she stopped eating and just was not herself. Long story short she had liver failure. She was approx. 5years of age. Nov.23, to relieve her suffering vomiting, hardly walking we euthanised her. Letting the Humane society know they had no idea and did say if it was meant to happen they were glad to think she was loved and cared for and not die lonely in a cage. They were very very sad also to think after 7 months there she finally gets adopted. Our old cat of 17yrs. passed peacefully at home so having to make this decision was very very difficult. I do feel better thinking she had a real home for a short while. In time we will adopt another cat from the Humane Society and give a home to an unwanted pet.
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