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Wow, very sad story, was she ill when you adopted her? I have been in touch with our local APL for months now..I had a stray mom give birth to 5 under my garage around last April...She moved them constantly and I couldn't "handle" them for weeks..I contacted several shelters to help me...but all I got was "they are not socialized, we can not help you"...After weeks and weeks of "hand feeding, cat bites and scratches I finally was able to take 2 to the APL (with a donation)..I took the other 3 about a mile away to be "mousers"...1 by one the 3 came back to my house!!!! In the meantime, Mom gave birth to 6 more in my garage!!!!!!! So I scooped up 2 of the first litter and was able to donate...also took mom and 6 newborns (with of hefty donaton) 1 guy was left (not too social) and I took him, but he was not adoptable (very wild) and was put down...I checked on everyone all the time, all were adopted, 3 newborns passed on (they had to be fostered out, mom stopped feeding them) so 3 of them so far made it...Here's my point:These guys were "wild" eating whatever to survive, having ear mites, worms etc etc.yes they were checked/fixed, but no one knows where they came from and what kind of diseases they were exposed too when they were young...but I was happy that they did find food and shelter...and bless you for adopting from the APL

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