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Going to pieces over piecing...

I agree - piecing is NOT my favorite thing, either! But there are some techniques that allow you to knit the pieces as you go so that no, or little, seaming is needed.

One such method is outlined in Lily Chin's book, "Knitting Tips & Tricks", and it's titled "Joining as you go", page 172.

Also, in "MORE Herrschner's Blue Ribbon Afghans" , there's a crocheted granny-square-like afghan called Harlequin that uses a method that could be adapted for knitting as you go, thus having the charm of a pieced afghan without the annoying "sewing" that usually requires.

Although I haven't explored it too thoroughly, I'd be willing to bet that You Tube will have some interesting videos on various methods.

Meanwhile, happy knitting!


PS. If you're looking for super afghan patterns I've found that the Herrschner's Blue Ribbon Books are SUPER and I've done many afghans from them.
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