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I had my yearly mammogram yesterday and I have been waiting to ask the dr's there about the new guidelines. I was surprised how angry they were. I go to a special breast care center that only handles breast cancer at a the well respected Scripps Hospital. They advised me that the new guidelines were "dangerous and ill advised" and the death rate for breast cancer has decreased by 30% since 1990. (more mammo given) some other things they told me
75% of breast cancer happens in women that are not at high risk.
If screening does not begin til age 50 more women will die of cancer
The new guidlines will not screen women over 70 because "the shortened life among women that age makes it more likely she could die from another cause before cancer kills her.
The USPSTF is motivated by cost savings. and constitutes rationing
the cost of saving women 40-49 is too high
the risk of cancer in a 40 year old woman is 1 in 69
The USPSTF is a govt sponsored body that will be recognized by us govt and they ignored peer review that contradicted their advice.
many more things like if you catch it early lumpectomy is better than
total masectomy etc
bottom line is get your mammo each year.

USPSTF is US Preventative Services Task Force = rationing board
remember that the women age 40-49 who have died from breast cancer are silent for obvious reasons.
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