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Recommended Patterns for Red Scarves
Here are some patterns that have been recommended for knitting the red scarves:
There are several listed on the OFA website Red Scarf page, but beyond that, (maybe with some overlap) there is Paula's Corrugator Scarf (opens to a PDF)
Steam (opens to a PDF) :

Irish Hiking Scarf :

Shifting Sands Scarf :

My So Called Scarf :

Palindrome (if used with a thinner yarn) :

Besotted (if used with a thinner yarn) :

Celtic Cable Scarf (opens to a PDF):
Red Herring Scarf :
Inner Truth (first published in MagKnits) :
Twin Rib Scarf found on this page
Cable Scarf :
Gathered Scarf:

And this one's always a favorite of knitters: Yarn Harlot's One-Row Scarf
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