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Originally Posted by meowmeowmeow View Post y_7&&ga_search_query=spinning+wheel&ga_search_type =handmade&ga_page=&includes
[]=tags&includes[]=title Is one place selling them.*aherm* In my opinion...a BIT of a rip off considering the cost of materials and very short time to create once you have the tools.
If they had plenty of bicycles they were scrapping out instead of having to buy spoked, precision ball bearing wheels and had a pile of red oak lumber laying around. And all the other bits and parts needed plus putting them together with dowel and screws. Plus 3 huge bobbins that have 3 ratios ... maybe, just maybe it would be a rip off.

As it is, I think the Fidelis is priced very good for the materials and knowledge they have in it.

(no, I don't know these folks, nor do I have one of their wheels ... I just think $195 for this wheel is a great price)

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