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Hi again - so I've finished the sleeves (yay!) and am ready to start the hood. Jumping the gun a little, I'm curious about how to do the buttons. I've read some of the earlier posts, but just don't have the time to read all 68 pages! I see that ArtLady put in a zipper, and I won't even consider that. My sewing skills are limited to buttons - which is why I knitted the back and sides in one piece, to keep the sewing to a minimum.

Did anyone make buttonholes and use buttons? Or use the loops like on the pattern? I allowed plenty of width so I think I can safely put buttonholes in the ribbing going up the front. Chances are I'll wear the sweater open and not button it anyway. Any buttonhole tips are appreciated!

The other question I have is about the hood. Are there any tips on keeping it from being too pointy when it's sewn together? I did see ArtLady's tip on joining it before picking up the ribbing and I'll probably do that.

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