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I 'hand-stitched' the zipper into place, using regular sewing thread.

Hmmm, I didn't see 'loops' as an option in the pattern at all.
I don't know how I missed that detail.

Anyway, if you are unsure about where to incorporate buttonholes in the ribbing, why not forget buttonholes and buttons altogether and use clasps? I'm working on a Basic Black Hoodie right now, and I ordered the nicest clasps from the!

I've ordered very unique buttons from them recently, and then the clasps! They are affordably priced, and the company ships quickly and well-packed!

I think this would be a cute clasp for the CPH:

And this:

There are many other clasps, but these two designs look casual enough for the CPH.

The loop option is shown here, on the cover for that hoodie
I'm knitting...although I'm going to use clasps:

As for the hood: darned if I can remember what I did to make the hood less pointy. Why don't you just seam it as per pattern...then afterwards, turn the hood inside out, and take some basting stitches across the corner of the point! You know, to cut the sharp point off. The basting stitches can easily be removed and re-done as you tinker around with it. I remember tinkering with it til I got it the way I liked!
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