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Originally Posted by mullerslanefarm View Post
If they had plenty of bicycles they were scrapping out instead of having to buy spoked, precision ball bearing wheels and had a pile of red oak lumber laying around. And all the other bits and parts needed plus putting them together with dowel and screws. Plus 3 huge bobbins that have 3 ratios ... maybe, just maybe it would be a rip off. As it is, I think the Fidelis is priced very good for the materials and knowledge they have in it.
I agree 1000% percent with MullersLaneFarm on this one. And she hasn't even mentioned the skills it takes to craft a flyer, a whorl, a drive wheel, an orifice, a bobbin, footmen, treadles and a crank that all work smoothly together.

Can you make a flyer wheel out of $30 worth of bits and pieces? Probably, and probably with very simple tools. Can you make a good wheel that spins well and lets you make decent yarn? I'll say yes when I see it.

On the other hand, here's a link to a DIY cardboard charkha that cost about fifty cents to make.
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