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Originally Posted by smb611 View Post
I'd love to try the men's medium. This is an easy pattern right, I'm still a bit of a beginner, but am always to try anything once, twice if it's fun!!! That's my philosophy!

Smb... It would actually be great to have at least one knitter that's new to mittens. You can watch the accompanying video (also still being edited, but I'll post a version for y'all), which is a bit long for someone who already knows mittens, but should be enjoyable for you. It goes through the whole mitten from start to finish! (essential parts, anyway.) I demo in the baby size, but it's the same pattern just with different stitch numbers.

jagadeeshdev, thanks for the photo offer, that's excellent. I've got a companion video, so I don't plan to include much for progress shots, but would love a nice final shot.
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