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1 Favorite yarn has been Caron Simply Soft and Berella 4, but I've discovered KnitPicks yarns and those will no doubt become my favorites, such scrumptious yarns!
2 Thing to knit, afghans (to give to Goodwill) and sweaters. Now trying to learn how to knit socks, but stuck on the heel turning, though persevering.
3 No designer.
4 At the moment Creative Knitting magazine, but subscribed to Interweave knits recently (used to subscribe to Handwoven when I was weaving, not doing that anymore though) and Knitters Magazine.
5 Yes, my Raverly name is the same as here, sarahandus.
6 I first learned to knit, sort of, about 14, but was primarily a crocheter until later years when arthritis made working with the fine threads I preferred for crochet too painful. So you might say I have only been knitting for 15 years.
7 Now that I'm working with yarn instead of fine thread, I can crochet afghans, so I mix in crocheting with the knitting time.
8 I live just south of Bonney Lake.
9 Knitting time, most of the time in the winter and in between weeding, garden planting and watering sessions in the summer.
10 How to book - The Principle of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt. But then I have to go to the forums, and other online places to get some more visual instructions on some things. Also I have run across questions that have sent me back to the book for an "ah ha" moment. Such and welts. Welts in knitting? But there it was big as life in the book, how to make them in several different flavors and when they are usually used.

It has been just in the last year or so that I have become more passionate about knitting and begun research on broadening my knitting knowledge and skills. Of course rainy and cold weather helps. And it's certainly been one or the other lately on this side of the mountains.
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