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Originally Posted by mimtess View Post
There are times when you cannot do a border of garter or seed stitches. Such is what it is with what I'm making, which is an afghan made up of squares. Each square has a pattern that would not accommodate a border. So.... I bought a package of book binder clips at the $ store (4 in a pack) and when it begins to curl around the 10th row, I attach the clips to the the bottom which weighs it down perfectly. Then merrily continue knitting. Hope this idea helps others.
That sounds curious. One of my first knitting books was a collection of afghan square patterns and almost everyone of them started and ended with two rows of garter stitch and on every row in between started and ended with one garter stitch. It was very confusing to a beginner but I later realized that the garter stitch was there to keep the stockinette from curling.
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