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Originally Posted by cheley View Post
Sounds fun!!!! I'll bring the confettiI'm planning an "all nighter" just to enjoy the "Blue Moon" so I'll be up.. BTW I'm on EST in Ohio
Excellent! I forgot about the Blue Moon. I wish I could find the old episode of Gilligan's Island on Hulu or YouTube to watch at the same time. I just love hearing Gilligan yell, "It's a blue moon, Skipper! It's a blue moon!" Ha!

Originally Posted by AngelaR View Post
Sounds fantastic, however we host a block party each year... I'll be really rilly busy.
Bummer! Maybe I'll schedule a party for my birthday next week, and you can join that! Good luck with your block party!

Originally Posted by DorothyDot View Post
I'm really glad to see this thread.
Last year I hung with you folks in the (now defunct) Chat Room - it was a wonderful life saver...
DH and I had a HUGE, NASTY fight and I grabbed a couple of Dottie's Toddies and retreated to my "office" and spent a really pleasant and healing New Year's with y'all.
Knitting in the New Year with fellow Knit-Wits.
SO glad we could help you through that night. Believe me, I've been there. Hopefully, tonight will be a HAPPY way to enjoy your Dottie's Toddy!
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