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Originally Posted by sgtpam View Post
I'm here......about another inch of ribbing to go on the first slipper. They're great say my sisters, nieces and Mom
You're on a roll!

Originally Posted by sgtpam View Post
Sandi always has such great ideas....and yummy yarn
I'm just glad to see that the rest of you are playing along. This is making my New Year start off just right.

Originally Posted by sgtpam View Post
Almost ready for that first glass of bubbly.....
Me too! Now, I just have to peel my hubby off the sofa to go open the champagne. It's chilling in the fridge. I can't open it, because I JUST BANGED MY STUPID HAND ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER MAKING SUPPER! UGH!!!! So, NO knitting for me tonight.

Originally Posted by knit2btied View Post
I managed to make about 7 inches on my Palindrome scarf, then frogged it to make it about an inch wider. Does anyone have tips on how to keep track of how many rows are between the cables? It's driving me crazy losing my place. At this rate, this could be an incredibly l-o-n-g scarf!
The only way I know to keep up with rows is to use a row counter. I don't trust myself to keep up with them in my head.

Originally Posted by Ellieblue View Post
There is a live streaming video on Earthcam of Times Square looks like they're having a great time there
Cool! Where's the link?

Originally Posted by UruzPhoenix View Post
Happy new year everyone! My minions are watching america's funniest home videos and i'm working on the infernal socks (not just because they're red, well, bronzed berry bliss technically LOL! but because i've never had this much issue with a basic pair of socks! between yarn splits and dropped stitches.....) and thinking of loading twilight
Maybe it's the knitting needles? Sometimes, I have to use different needles with different yarns, to see which ones work better together.
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