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OT: Kitty!!
I am finally adopting a kitty!

I put my last kitty to sleep for renal failure about 4 years ago. I was so sad. My husband reminded me today that we went to the home show here in Savannah about a year later and I ran across this lovely organization called Coastal Pet Rescue. I actually started crying about my cat, looking at all the pets to be adopted. He had to drag me away.

My heart has finally mended and I have been looking for a while now. I have all the kitties memorized by site from Coastal Pet Rescue and from the HUmane Society. (Sad)

I finally got my husband on board and found a kitty I wanted at the same time!!! She is close to a year old and she is a very petite siamese mix with a few tabby markings and blue, blue eyes!!! The gal who has been fostering her is really sweet. We met her today and we will get her on Sunday. She is playful and affectionate and fun. She and my 4 year old daughter were chasing one another around the house and she had her little tail high in the air, ears perked straight up. Then my husband got out the laser pointer and kitty and DD were taking turns chasing it around. SO cute! Her name right now is Sophia and I'm not sure whether we will change it or not.

I am so excited!! I will post pics after we get her.

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