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I got "Molly" my new kitty just before Thanksgiving. She is about 7 months old now. She is so lovey. We have been through a rough time, tho. She has been sick off and on since I got here, with a respiratory infection and her left eye constantly getting bright pink and teary. I have had her to the vet 4 times now, gone through a regiman of clavamox, dioxytin (sP?) this med was compounded for her and eye ointment. We were at the vets office yesterday for some more eye ointment. The vet says she thinks she may have herpes virus and that the business with her eye may something that continues all through her life. She has suggested I have her eye cultured- which would include several tests to rule other things out. I am going to have it done next month- have to save up the $150 for the test. Her vet bills have pretty much depleted my account so far.
I got her from a lady who is known as MaryPaws, found her on the internet- along with other animal rescue groups like Brother Wolf and Animal Compassion Network her in nc. My friend saw her somewhere last month with her kittens for adoption and she said several of them were sneezing.I called and wrote her a letter about everything this kitten has gone through since I adopted her, mainly because I wanted her to know so that if her other cats/kittens are going through the same thing. Her response to me was that I could use #7. of her contract and bring Molly back and exchange her.
Needless to say I was very angry, she's not a broken knitting needle, she is my baby who has stole my heart from day one when I brought her home and who totally has my heart and love throughout all of the suffering she has gone through.
Does anyone have a cat who has the herpes virus. I am still learning about it. Some of what I do know is that it can flare up from stress. I put warm compresses on her eyes and clean them prior to putting the antibiotic ointment in her eyes. I have also read that tea from natural tea used as a compress is good too because the tacturine(sp?) don't have info in front of me is good for fighting bacteria.
Sorry to go on and on. Congrats on your new kittty.
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