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How to go about learning for this fair isle scarf?
Hi all,

First of all thanks so much for reading, any help would be much appreciated. I'm new to the forum and have a few questions to help get me started with this. I've been basic knitting for at least 8 or 9 years, but like I said it's never really gone past basic.
However, I really REALLY have an urge to learn everything because I found a scarf I am DYING to make. I get very determined and will do anything it takes to learn something like this, I just need to figure out how.
This is the scarf, it's Hermione's fair isle scarf from the half blood prince:

since I'm a huge HP fan, this is something I will work hard for until I figure it out but my questions are: HOW hard will it be to learn to knit fair isle going from my basic skills?

what is the best way to learn this? I've read online, tried to teach myself but I don't respond very well to written directions, it really helps if it's visual. As I've read, I've started feeling as if knitting fair isle is a complete other world, and it's going to be very confusing and pointless trying to learn it but I'm still determined.

No matter what, I can't help the feeling that it's gonna take me forever to learn this technique, and I was wondering what your thoughts were on my situation.

Thanks again for any help you can offer, and giving me your advice!
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