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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
If you're knitting in the round and doing stockinette you don't need to purl. There are no purls in the scarf or the sample at the tutorial. The scarf and the sample are knitted on the outside of the tube. I'm not sure what you're seeing as purls.. You will only be knitting if you're knitting the scarf as a tube, in the round.

Are you talking about the way she's knitting? She's showing you how to carry the yarn across longer spans so you don't have long that what you're seeing?

I think I'm just confused all around as you can probably tell. So, since I'm teaching fair isle to myself I'm just gonna state the process I know and ask if it's right.

The first thing I'll do is use a pattern which I have, and each block is one stitch? Then I'll make a certain number of stitches when I cast on and proceed to do every block according to what color the pattern tells me to? Until I reach back around to the starting point, then I'll go up and do the next line the same way?

I just needed to see if that was right based on what I've picked up today, I'm trying to get this so thanks for bearing with me if I still don't seem to get it, and thanks for taking your time with me.
If I got that part right, I'm still confused on the changing of colors, I know how they go along the back of the work and how it should look, I just don't know how to start them in to the work as they are needed.

There isn't anymore purl confusion, though, thanks for clearing that up.
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