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Thank you everyone for the offers! I really appreciate them. I have updated the first post with names of people, first come first serve in this case, who have agreed to knit a size. I'm "private messaging" folks tonight with the next step. (Look in the upper right for the underlined Private Messages link.)

Originally Posted by sgtpam View Post
Since my size is "both" kid and adult size, should I be aiming for 6 or 4.5 sts/inch? I've done my gauge in Caron SS and am at 5.0 on size 7s and 5.5 on size 8s? I've never really had to do a gauge for size before...and I need to know which I should try for larger or smaller? Or is this yarn ok for your pattern? I have other yarn even have some sports weight if I need to change to that
Sgtpam, you want 4.5 sts/inch for your size. one needle size = 1/2 st./inch change, is a good rule of thumb. And remember this swatch needs to be done in the ROUND. With mittens I'd say just use the mitten as your swatch and frog if need be. Take your best guess with the needle. And don't worry about gauge in ribbing, only in the stockinette. I'm putting H Carroll on this size too, so you can have fun and not be too pressured with your first mitten. (And I'll get to see how this size fits multiple hands.)

SouthSeaGirl, Jenwith4kids, and Jbarr5 thank you for offers. I actually do have one more size, but it's a long shot, and if it doesn't get knit so be it.... Know anyone who could use a Man's XXL? Finished hand circumference is 10.5" (Shandeh, is this your DH's size? the XL I have paired you with is 9.5")

Thanks folks. And thanks for your patience as I get the pattern together. I changed the top shaping and am still wrestling all 10 sizes into shape.
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