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Chevron Lace Pattern
I'm new to lace knitting and reading charts. Attached is the chart for the Chevron Lace part of the stole.
I've started the first row reading right to left and it has nine stitches. However just 8 stitches are repeated across the row after the first set of 9. (is that right?)
Then row 2, I read from left to right. Again 9 stitches are there but after the first set then I go back to 8 stitches.
My main question is: In row 1 after I've done the first 9 stitches, then do I ignore the first Knit stitch and go straight onto the SSK.
On row 2, after I've done the first 9 stitches, then the next 8 stitches, do I ignore the last purl stitch and go straight to a knit stitch.
This is what I did, and followed suit on the rest of the rows, but it didn't seem right.
Any suggestions?
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