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Originally Posted by kae1crafts View Post

My LYS has a project that has a different version of the helmet liner that is more like a beanie than a ski mask and more colors are okay. Since I don't know the actual designer of the pattern that I received at a KAL I haven't been able to post it on Ravelry but I do have it in a Squidoo lens (free pattern) and hope you will take advantage of it if you wish. All I ask is that you let me know how many you knit and donate as we are trying to track them and push ourselves to meet higher and higher goals. The purpose it to get every soldier a liner that wants one.

Squidoo Link:

You can comment on the Squidoo lens or email me your donation count at

Happy knitting and let no head go unprotected.


OK, I'll be the first to admit I'm not a whiz with directions but before I start one of these, let me make sure that when you do the increase to 91 stitches, that's it. You don't increase 1 every row for the next four inches, correct? (Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I have had patterns that have turned out very "blobby" because they don't clarify that increases don't continue...yet read like they do).


Also, do you have a simple pattern for a neck gaitor or neckwarmer that fits fairly snugly? All I'm seeming to find are more cowl styled, or lacy.....definitely not what a male soldier wants to help keep warm.
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