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You guys rock, thank you!

I became confused with RS/WS when I realized I should be holding my work (on the left needle) in a position so the work hangs from the needle, as opposed to the way I was holding the needle, vertical with my work hanging off the left of the needle. I then repositioned the work so it was hanging from the right side of my needle (held vertically) and my stitches were starting to come out differently (Ks looked like Ps on the same side they looked like V's - the RS). I wasn't sure if how I held me needles and in which direction my work was hanging effected RS or WS. I'm now holding my left needle so the work hangs from it (which in turn, means the work will be hanging towards the right if my needle is held vertically).

Using a pin is a great idea, at least until I can get comfortable with it.

Thanks so much!

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