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I agree this pattern is going to be timeless I think.

So heres how my night knitting the band around the front went. I have been working on it for the last couple evenings as that is alot of stitches to knit and it takes a while to get a row done. So anyways I am knitting tonight and my DANG NEEDLE BROKE ON ME. Thats right I have almost 400 stitches on my only cable needle the size I needed and it broke right at the base where it connects to the cable. AHHHHHHHHHHH GGGRRRRRRRRRR.
I have it all placed on another needle that is a size up in needles hopefully it wont make to much of a difference as I can't get a new needle to finish it as I can't wait until the end of the month to finish this sweater I am just enjoying it to much.
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