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Originally Posted by meowmeowmeow View Post
Stores don't tend to just sell stuff I like either.A lot of the crafts I take up, I do because the store bought version is expensive.
That is funny you say that...I wanted to get stuff that I couldn't find, or couldn't find to my satisfaction in the stores. For me it was all about finding what I thought was authentic looking Harry Potter Gear. And although it is probably widely available in England, it is not in Canada. So, I started making my own!

I will usually buy stuff in the store that I can't make my self. I am not a seamstress, so anything regular cloth, or leather, or anything of the like I will buy. If I see something that catches my eye sweaterwise (usually a bulky knit) I pass it buy, cause I would feel prouder if I made it myself. I tend to shun scarves/hats/mitts that I don't make myself, and fall/Spring I am only wearing socks I have turned out myself. Once the weather gets warmer, I need to be in a lighter sock!
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