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Originally Posted by G J View Post
Emily, how are the critters?
I think Kitten is just screwing with me. When I am across the room she comes to the front of the cage and whistles at me, and sometimes she yells (fortunately she can't match the volumes of the macaws and seriemas I've been desensitized to recently). When I am in the kitchen, she really gets going. When I go over closer to her cage, she heads to the back and watches me suspiciously.
I got two more mice. I intended to get one albino, in case I need to divide the mice between two cages, so I have two pairs. But this little one who I thought at first was a black eyed white (I've read that black eyed white is actually linked to a recessive lethal allele, so I was suprised) but really she's got patches of really pale cream, so, well... she was too pretty to go home with anyone who didn't appreciate that, so I decided to get her, in addition to the albino I originally intended to - hey, look at that adorable black and tan! With the cute little white spot on her belly!
And that is how I came home with Chevre (the black and tan) and Serena (the white/cream). I am now maxed out on my mouse housing capacity.

I woke up this morning to my alarm, which as usual I set for half an hour before I meant to get up. Normally, I wake up, reset for when I actually need to get up, and go back to sleep. Today, I reset my clock, instead of the alarm. So when I woke up on my own, my clock said it was 9:05... my class starts at 9. Crap. So I sprang from my bed, threw on clothes, and grabbed my stuff... and then noticed that my phone said it was now 20 til. Perfect timing, really.
Rachejm- good luck in your interview!
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