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2010 Spring swap
I have participated in a few of these and had a blast! So I thought I would give organizing one a go! The theme will be Spring. I know it is cold and wintery out for a lot of us, but by the time we get this completed it should be right about the time for those spring projects! I have a basic questionaire, but feel free to add as much personal info as possible. Please PM your questionaire to me by February 12, 2010. All packages should be posted by March 15th 2010. Lets HAVE FUN!!!


1) Knitting Help name
2) Real life name
3) alternative email address
4) do you wish to be contacted via KH or email?
5) What is your favorite thing to knit?
6) what colors do you like and associate with the coming season?
7) What springtime activity/s do you enjoy?
8) Is there a particular garment or item that you think is essential for spring?
9) Any pertinant allergies? (I don't think an allergy to penicillin is necassary but we dont want to give you hives if you can't touch wool!)
10) what is your maximum spend on yarn ($5,$10,$20,$30)?
11) Are you prepared to post internationally.
12) What is your postal address?
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