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Originally Posted by cacunn View Post
IMHO the make of the futon worked with the Marque De Sade to keep masochist happy. We have one in our guest room. When we have guests we pull the futon pad off and replace it with an air mattress. This is a poor man's Select Comfort bed. It take a little playing with the pressure but it does become very comfortable.
It actually isn't so bad if I pile enough blankets on between me and the futon matress, which is not removable... I actually prefer futon matress-on-floor. I should have had the parentals go buy a regular mattress when they moved the futon in. Oh well, the bed is almost finished.
The coatrack/post idea is fine for hanging a coat or a sweatshirt, but is unfortunately useless when it comes to my hammock... but mostly I'm annoyed because they cut off the posts without asking, even though I specifically said not to. Like I said, these things aren't that big a deal... but how much easier would it have been to leave it the way it was?
Also, dad is changing it so that the bed can go in the corner. I'm not sure why it was such a big deal last night (I finally told him to just leave it, and figured that I could change it myself... I'm not incompetant when it comes to woodworking). He also called to let me know they can't find the stain I bought, so I'm crossing my fingers that there is only one rosewood stain and that my mom doesn't decide its "too dark" and go with something else.
Am I finished moving in yet?
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