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I just bought a book called Color Style and it actually has several sweater patterns I would like to knit, and one pair of socks. Some of it is intarsia and other types of colorwork, but there's a Mohair Fair Isle with bell sleeves that I think is really cute. The only thing I don't like is that the sleeves are ribbed and where they decrease on top of the shoulders looks a little weird. I guess it's hard to do hidden decreases in ribbing.

There's actually another sweater in there I like a lot also, on the cover. I think that's just slip stitches and not real FI though. I didn't like the turtleneck on the one in the book, but the link goes to someone's Rav page that made one with a plain neck and it looks fantastic!

And there's a pair of socks I have to have even though I don't really knit socks...

I'm going to start with Lusekofte, though. I think it sucks that they aren't selling just the pattern, too! I am fine using Telemark because I don't have anything in my (small) stash that would work. I think I'm going to do a different lower band though - either a hem or corrugated ribbing. I don't think the plain ribbing goes with the sweater. I can't wait till my Lusekofte kit gets here!
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