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Helmet Liner gauge.
Originally Posted by miccisue View Post
One more question.....when it says to check your gauge, are they talking about with the size 6 needles or the size 8's? They don't specify, and obviously if you meet the gauge with one size, you won't with the other. My gauge matches if I use the 8's, but of course on the 6's it's a tad off.

I sure hope I'm not doing this thing for nothing.....
You take the gauge with the larger needles which you are using for the stockinet stitch. The smaller needles are for the ribbing and ribbing isn't usually gauged. The size 8 needles are the ones you need to gauge. I knit tightly enough that I have to knit them on size 9 needles.

You are definitely doing this for something. Remember that everyone is a little different shape so if the helmet liner doesn't fit one person it should fit the next one. Mine aren't perfect and neither are the ones that are donated at the shop or mailed to us.


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