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Helmet Liner Question
Originally Posted by miccisue View Post
I also posted this in the "How To" thread, but want to try and get help as soon as possible.
OK, I'm working on the helmet liner, have the 6 inches of ribbing done (using the citizenSAM pattern). I'm ready to transfer to the larger needles, and have watched the video MANY times to make sure I get the hang of it. So, I do the cast on.....and find that the cast on stitches are all on the #6 needle instead of the #8 like they're supposed to be. How did I mess this one up? Where did I go wrong? And more importantly, how do I correct this?
I was so sure I had this in my head going right, and now this.........augh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't used that pattern but I do have a copy so I'll try to answer.

When you change to the larger #8 needle you knit 32 stitches from the size #6 needle onto the #8 needle. Leave the rest of the stitches on the #6 needle and think of it as a stitch holder.

Now take the #8 needle that has 32 stitches on it and cast on 59 additional stitches, place marker at beginning of round, join in round and knit even for 4 inches.

I hope this helps. If not, please contact me again and I'll try to explain more.


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