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Yeah, I get what the instructions mean, I just royally messed them up. The video shows using both needles to do the cast knit a stitch, leave it on the left needle, pull the stitch on the right needle out and insert the left needle into it to cast on the stitch. My problem is, when I did this, without realizing it (cause I was concentrating too hard on not dropping any stitches, etc.) the cast on stitches were going on to the size 6 needle instead of the size 8....I'd knit the 32 onto the 8, but the cast on ended up on the 6 (which I was holding in my left hand, if that makes any difference). See, at that point, you're working off the smaller to the bigger needle and somehow I mucked it I explaining myself at all? I'm so confused now I don't know if I'm clear or not.
Watch the "Knitting On" cast on video - it was one recommended in another thread for casting on in the middle of a project - and you'll see where I came up with the stitches ending up on the left needle instead of the right (which is the needle the stitches I had knitted off the #6's ended up on). Do I need to unravel the extra stitches, and "flip" my work over so the #6 is in my right hand and the #8 is in my left, or am I making this even more difficult?

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