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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Without seeing how you did it, it would be hard to say. If you knita few stitches onto the larger one, you should have cast on the stitches to that needle. Transfer it to the left hand, cast on and then go on. Just watch it next time that you cast on to the larger needle.
I knit the 32 stitches from the #6 to the #8....this left the bigger needle in my right hand. But, when you watch the video, the cast on stitches end up on the LEFT needle (apparently I only realized that problem after I'd made the mistake and rewatched it....apparently that only works if both needles are the same size). That's how the cast on stitches ended up on the opposite needle from my 32 knitted on stitches.

Now, do I undo the cast on stitches and reverse the needle positions, or am I going to end up with the "knitting yarn" in the wrong place by doing that? No joke, my head is swimming at trying to figure out how to correct this. It seems like it should be fairly simple......just go back to where I messed up the first time....but my mind is playing with me and making me think I'll have other issues to deal with if I do that.

Somebody smarter and more experienced than me, please help me get my mind back on track.

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