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Increase Dilemma on Helmet liner
Originally Posted by miccisue View Post
I don't know.....will that leave a gap between my knitted on stitches and the cast on stitches, and will the working yarn still be on the #6's? I don't have a cold, but this has done to my brain what sticking a fork in a toaster will do to the rest of you. I'm so confused I can't figure out how to reverse this. It should be simple, but I keep thinking of "what if it does this, or what if it does that?". Seems like I should simply be able to unravel the cast on stitches and start again, but will the working yarn be on the proper needle, or will it be on the opposite one I need it to be? Oh dear, my head hurts.................
If I were at this impass, I would unravel back to where you have the original stitches put onto the size 8 needles.

At this point I would make sure that I had the live yarn at the point needed to cast on more stitches attached to the stitches on the size 8 needles.

I would then get a zip type bag and place the size 6 needles with the stitches on them in that bag to make sure they are separated.

Then I would take one of my double pointed needles to do the knit cast on being careful to have the finished stitch be on the size 8 circular needle.

Once you have cast on the number of stitches needed, place marker and join as directed - making sure that you have a circle without a twist.

Now you are ready to knit the cap portion with the joined stitches using the knit stitch which will magically create stockinet when knit in the round.

Good luck.

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