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Originally Posted by punzal View Post
thanks trvvn5! I'm itching to start this sweater and the closest craft store is 30 minutes out of my way. I've been crocheting for so long I own a hook or two in each size so I forgot that everytime you buy yarn for a new project you'd better check to be sure you have the right hook/needles too or I would have bought the longer needles when I picked up the yarn.

Is there any point in having all 4 types of needles in each size? I see short & long straight needles and short & long circular needles. And then there are those double-pointed ones too....Way too expensive to buy them all, but I keep finding new projects that need a size/style I don't have.
I think that your decision to buy them or not is just a matter of personal preference. I have a bunch of size 32" circulars and thats all that I tend to bother with. Well, expect for the 16" circulars that I buy for when I want to do hats. Most of the time if you buy a long enough circular and you want to do a smaller diameter project, you can just do magic loop and can forego the straights.

Honestly I don't even know the last time i actually picked up a pair of straight needles. They're just not necessary.
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