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Originally Posted by MesaVerde View Post
In Oregon, finding stuff to knit is easy. I can never have enough warm hats, and scarves. I'm really wondering, what do you guys in warm places knit? A wool hat wouldn't be practical in Arizona, so what do you knit?
Hats! Of course we don't get really cold weather in Htown, but when those cold fronts come in, brrr it gets cold for us homies. We also knit scarves cuz we have to be styling when we go to work in the a.m. Right now I'm working on my first sweater. It's for my son and I'm making it out of wool-ease chunky. My high school age son is big into knit hats and I have been busy knitting for him. Some of the girls in Houston love crocheted hats and I've been known to make those too! By the way, I don't live in Arizona, but I've been there and the nights can get cold.
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