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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
I really like those folding shelves you got, Dollyce. That was a great idea. They have tall ones as well if you ever want to add more space.
Believe it or not, these bookcases have 'stackability'. You can stack one on top of another. There are holes on the tops of the bookcases that another pieces fits into...then you can mount one one top of another using that 'connector'.

I didn't because I'm so short...and don't like to climb...but also for safety. We'd have to 'secure' the bookcase to the wall.

But thanks for the info, Jan! I didn't see 'taller' ones at our Fred Meyer. I also purchased 2 bookcases that weren't as wide, but the same height. Fred Meyer was having a sale: buy two-get one free! (mix or match) Well I'm a sucker for a sale. Our Fred Meyer also had "corner units" too. Same height. Very useful for unusual places!
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