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I have a lot of tech fan friends and none of us have anything nice to say about it so far.We all WAITED for this thing too.

If you want to pay too much for an over-sized and overpriced iTouch...that's pretty much the only reason to buy it.It is essentially a giant iTouch and that's the only real reason it can double as a kindle.

The thing can't even do multitasking.You can only do one thing at a time.My cell phone has more power and capabilities than this thing.

Doesn't support flash.Doesn't multitask.Not convenient for gaming(cause its big so itouch games don't work as well).No USB transfer for pix and data(you need an adapter because there is no USB port).NO CAMERA??Which means no videos and no video chat(which would have been awesome and almost have redeemed the thing..but it would take a lot more).'s what Sony did with the PSPgo. It's a resized version of something that the market had already covered, minus a lot of the details we wanted.

I don't think this thing is going to make anyone nervous except the designers for fear someone will have their heads D: At least they already announced they will re-release a camera version of it.Basically the only pro is that it has a touch screen.If you want to pay 499 for it, don't.Save your money; buy a netbook.Expand the memory from 1gb to 2gb.Buy a snazzy case(or knit it).And a wireless mouse. << this is what I'm doing instead, at least XD
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