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I think the iPad will get a lot more awesome when it hits version 2.0. New apple products always get better as they mature. I owned the original iPhone. It was slow, heavy, and didn't have GPS or even the App Store. The new one has matured quite a lot since then.

The new iPad is a device meant for consuming media. It isn't meant to create on, like a netbook. It's a gap-bridger between the iPhone/iPod and the MacBook, but more close in functionality to the iPhone/iPod (it runs the same OS as the iPhone). I think it's too bad that it doesn't have GPS or a front-facing camera for doing Skype or video conferencing. I think these are features that will come about in version 2.0. I don't think they will add a CD, USB, or any other inputs. Like the iPhone and Ipod it's a very closed system. I do think they will have to have printing capabilities via wifi.

I am an Apple user, but I'm not an earlier adopter. I can see myself enjoying reading books, blogs and web sites on the iPad. I spend entirely too much time on my MacBook and desktop computers, so this would feel like a difference mode than work. But I am going to wait a year and see what happens before I hand over any money. I do think they will sell a lot of these this year and surprise the naysayers. It seems new Apple stuff always beats expectations.
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