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I watched the iPad the information...but I couldn't figure out if an iPad would allow the user to login to their favorite forum (ahem!) and post comments, photos, etc.

I did see the 'virtual keyboard' used for writing email...but I never assume one capability will spill over into another. Would the iPad allow the user to communicate with KH and Rav?

Anyway, many thanks for all of the great comments and opinions!
I hope even more of our KH members will add their 2 cents.

I'm a bit like Sheldon. I'm never the first kid on the block to own something 'new'.
I'm a "hmmm, wait and see how it performs..." kind of gal.
Forking over $499 for aggravation isn't on my to-do list. I can get plenty of that for free!

For example, when the VISTA-OS arrived on the scene...I waited, and the time I needed a new laptop...I knew (from reading comments) that I would need a minimum of 4GB ram for it to perform at its best. I'm not a gamer, but I'm very impatient with a slow 'puter!

So far, no iPhone here. No iMac. But I finally entered the iWorld...with an iPod Nano 5th Generation.

The iPad puffs up the "photos" feature a lot. Without a USB port, or SD card support, or CD in the world do your photos get inside it? What, do we have to send them to Flickr
and then back to the iPad via internet? Oy. If so, that's double the work IMHO.
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