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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
I watched the iPad the information...but I couldn't figure out if an iPad would allow the user to login to their favorite forum (ahem!) and post comments, photos, etc.
Yes, you should be able to log into the KH forum just fine. iPad runs a flavor of Safari called Mobile Safari which pretty much shows web pages exactly as they would display on the standard Safari. So the forum will work, but the videos being Flash won't work. But we're working on an app that will run on iPhone/iPod/iPad to give folks mobile access to those.

I did see the 'virtual keyboard' used for writing email...but I never assume one capability will spill over into another. Would the iPad allow the user to communicate with KH and Rav?
The keyboard will display anytime you click on a field where you'd input text. So yes, you'd be able to use it to post to KH and Ravelry. However, you won't be able to attach photos to posts using the iPad. The OS doesn't allow uploading in mobile safari. Places like facebook have had to develop a special application for the iPhone to allow members to upload video and photos. That's would be a lot of work for us I'm afraid.

The iPad puffs up the "photos" feature a lot. Without a USB port, or SD card support, or CD in the world do your photos get inside it? What, do we have to send them to Flickr
and then back to the iPad via internet? Oy. If so, that's double the work IMHO.
The iPad like the iPhone and iPod has a connector that plugs into the device and can be coupled to a computer via USB. So you can sync photos, music, books, etc. very easily using iTunes and iPhone. I put photos and video on my iPhone of Erin so I can show my mom
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