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Help understanding pattern
I am making a multi-directional scarf and I am trying to end it. I don't understand the directions for the decrease. Here is pattern as written-
Work as with previous triangles until 1/2 of sts are on the right and 1/2 of sts remain on the left. (does this mean that I knit front & back, ssk and knit until I have half on each needle?) Instead of starting each garter stitch ridge with an increase, start the ridge with a decrease k1,k2tog. (Or does this mean I start each row with a k1,k2tog? If so why do I need 1/2 of sts on each needle?) Continue to work the decrease in the "middle" of the row as before, and after making this second decrease, both needles with have the same number of sts. (Do I k1,k2tog after I get to the middle and ssk to close the gap?)

If someone could please shed some light on this so I can finish this beautiful scarf, I would appreciate it.
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