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Ingrid...yes, the gods have spoken. I ordered all the yarn this morning, but had to go to three different places to get all I needed. Got one skein from Ebay, some from Webs, and the rest from Jimmy Beans. Guess I'll be the cow's tail on this since it seems everyone else will be started before I ever get my yarn.
Maureen...I looked at that pattern again and it does look like the only fair isle portion of that sweater is the edges. I think those flowers would all have to be done intarsia, which is something I've never done much of either.
Would I need to get bobbins and wind yarn on them for each of those flower thingys?? That seems like an awful lot of bobbins hanging down. I had to go to their website to print out the graphs, which I did today at work (don't tell). Whatever...this will be good experience.
I've been knitting for years and years, but have never tried fair isle or intarsia. I think it's time. Glad I have you guys for help if I need it.
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