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Three antique spinning wheels at home now and have done restorations on all three. One will need a great deal more before I can use it the other two are now in working shape, though not yet fine tuned. But I have managed to spin up about a qurter pound of Romney wool in two days using both working wheels I've fixed up!
I found that just pulling the original hooks from the flyer VERY CAREFULLY and cleaning them up seperately then reinstalling them EQUALLY CAREFULLY with a pair of good quality hand plyers worked fairly well. I even replaced a few damaged and missing hooks with a 2" common nail bent to suit and head clipped off and smoothed out. I used Snap-On brand mechanic plyers as they are much sturdier and grasp without flexing, or biting into the hook metal causing them to gaul and become sharp or anything! It was a bit stressful but it was effective. Reinstalled them by aligning and pushing back into place with same plyers. Small pair of vice-grip locking plyers with nice clean unmolested jaws might work well too.

Good luck.

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yes pics would help us help you, i do refurbish old wheels and collect them...
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